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My Story



When I started this journey to try to lose weight in 2008, I was over 300 pounds, wearing a size 26/28. At this time words like, "Eating Better" and "make a Lifestyle change" were cute phrases, but, I didn't know how to put those phrases into action.  You see, I had a track record of

  • Eating when I wasn’t hungry
  • Using food to relieve fatigue, sadness, anger, tiredness, boredom etc
  • Being preoccupied with constant thoughts about food and sweets
  • Eating beyond the point of being full or even beyond the point of being sick of eating

Although I did make an attempt to lose weight in the early 90’s; I lost 40 pounds and was only able to keep it off for 2 months. Since then, I’d never been able to stick to any diet long enough to lose weight and  instead I just continued to gain weight.

After decades of believing I would always be in plus sizes, in Sept of 2008 I decided to try to lose weight one more time.   I decided to use an approach that did not include pills, surgery, the latest fad diet or one of the popular diet programs.   It wasn't a Diet it was A STRATEGY.  This Strategy proved successful because on November 26, 2009 (Thanksgiving Day), I stepped on a scale and it was 100 pounds less than my highest known weight. 

Over the years my weight has fluctuated, due to menopause and slips along the way.  So I've had to learn how to get up and keep going.  

Despite the slips, I’ve still kept the 100 pounds off, and where I was a size 26/28, now I'm a size 10. 

Details of my story can be found in the book FIT 4 The Master. Available on Amazon.

Be Motivated By A Story You Can Relate To

Knowing what to eat and the nutritional value of food is one thing.  But having the opportunity to hear from someone who has gone  through the day to day struggles, hills and valleys of a journey to lose 50, 75, 100 pounds and more is  an experience of a lifetime...

Somethings  can only taught from someone who has experienced the process

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